About Us

Pool Hustler's Daughter speaks to the Pool Hustler's Daughter inside all of usWe are creative, inquisitive, irreverent female outsiders, who recognize beauty in many forms and who hustle daily. We uplift and are inspired by a wide range of subterranean cultures. We adore art and experiences that align with the scrappy-yet-sexy, off the beaten path, la dolce vita of a Pool Hustler's Daughter.

Catherine Bentivegna Adami grew up a Pool Hustler's Daughter with a VIP pass to subterranean America. A Coffeehouse voyeur by day and Old Fashioned drinker by night, she is happiest on bus, train or plane, notebook in hand, listening to and observing life stories and magical moments. She is a proud Alumnus of The Francis W. Parker School of Chicago, Tulane University and New York University's Summer Fiction Writing Program. She won a writing residency at the artist retreat Lamuse in Carcassonne, France in 2016.

"Cat" has 15 years of multi-million dollar sales and marketing experience at a technology start-up and has attended writing workshops for the past 25 years. She's a regular at national publishing fairs, literary festivals, open mikes and book signings. She's a super-positive and energized person who loves writing culture and writers!  She likes to see her clients succeed and applies her knowledge and resources to making that happen. She's been through the whole process-from Lit Agents, to Editors to Self-publishing. She's rooting for you to publish that book!

A descendant of both The Daughters of the American Revolution and The Black Hand, her credo is "Life Ain't on the Square." Her essays have been published in Billiards Digest, NYC Grind and Sneaky Pete Mafia. Her first novel, On Elizabeth Street debuted in 2016. She publishes two e-zines, Freddythebeard.com and Phdaughter.com. She lives in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago with her husband and two children.