PHD, Inc. Publishes (2) Imprints:

Pool Hustler's Daughter Press and Independent Spirit Press

Pool Hustler's Daughter Press was founded in 2016 in Chicago, IL and seeks to publish female authors and artists who tell stories that excite, illuminate and electrify. Pop culture playful, fish-out-of-water comedies, and experimental literary forms delight us. We want you to teach us about subterranean environments and characters(see The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers) or to look at established forms and ideas in a brand new light. 

Our goal is 2-4 books per calendar year.

Current Submissions deadline: August 30, 2018

Please send your query letter in the body of your email with the first three chapters attached in a pdf or word doc. If you haven't written a query letter before, there are a number of excellent guidelines online.

Please identify genre, audience, and similar, best-selling titles in your query letter. Extra consideration is given to submissions with a brief marketing plan as well as pitch for adaptation to TV/Film.

We're a small shop and only accept manuscripts that are complete and have been professionally edited(not that your work will not be edited in the future to perfection.) Please see our coaching services menu if you need to outsource any editing services.

We hope to respond via email within 60 days.

Please send your query+3 chapters to:


Independent Spirit Press was founded in 2018 in Chicago, IL and seeks to provide a nurturing, niche platform for debut authors who work with us through our coaching and consulting program to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction books spanning a variety of genres.