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A creative, inquisitive, irreverent, female outsider who recognize beauty in many forms and who hustles daily. Art and experiences that align with the scrappy-yet-sexy, off the beaten path, la dolce vita of a Pool Hustler's Daughter.

Awaiting My Arrival, Christmas 1971


Donald Sutherland Reminded Me

Donald Sutherland Reminded Me

My Fantasies have changed  They’ve returned to making love  All the way Filled Hearing Merry Christmas  I love you And exchanging homemade Christma...
What I've learned from watching British Television and Films

What I've learned from watching British Television and Films

1. Chimney sweeps and barmaids have better manners and vocabulary than the average American (see: every Dickens production.) 2. Bastard children ar...
A Million Ways to Die in Carcassonne

A Million Ways to Die in Carcassonne

Première partie: Les chaves-souris My arrival in Carcassonne, France began with a scream. Yep, that’s right, a scream. Well, also, one, long, drawn...

Pool Hustler's Daughter Flashbacks


How endless hours spent at the pool room and racetrack helped me become a writer.

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You think your parents are fictional characters.

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The Epitome of Cool

November 2015, Billiards Digest Cover Story

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Pool Hustler's Daughter Press

Sleep with David Duchovny

From our 2018 release "Twas the  Night Before Forty."

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On Elizabeth Street

Set in NYC's Nolita neighborhood, Augie and Benny meet one hot August weekend to rekindle their friendship in their forties.

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Astronomy and Anatomy

Short Story about a college boy trying to fly again.

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Pool hustler's Daughter Loves

Sweet Emma Barrett

New Orleans' Sweet Emma broke barriers for female jazz musicians, was undeniably authentic and lived her passion.

"I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jellyroll"

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw sizzle on screen in Sam Peckinpah's "The Getaway."

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Max Fischer

The character Max Fischer in Wes Anderson's "Rushmore" embodies the loveable outsider with humble origins that The Pool Hustler's Daughter reveres.

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Daddy's Pinky Ring

Mommy's Hermes Scarf

Binoculars for the Racetrack

Vintage Comic Books

Helaine Garren Photography

Rabbit Fur Coat


Female Folk Heroes


Infinity Jewelry

Meditation and Self-Care

White French Dresses

Dutch Bikes

New Orleans

Mob Writers

Boutique Hotels